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The latest building energy codes are driving greater energy efficiency, which means tighter and better insulated buildings. Designing and constructing beyond code including quality commercial building insulation installation—delivers buildings that are more energy efficient, quieter and healthier, which can give you a competitive advantage. Comparing and choosing insulation types is an important part of sustainable design, contributing to lower energy use, improved indoor air quality, and greater comfort.

3 reasons why insulation is important:

The value of energy efficiency is obvious: it saves money on energy bills and reduces power plant CO2 emissions to lower carbon footprints. As energy efficiency figures more prominently into building transactions, savvy commercial building professionals will recognize and capitalize on this trend by designing and constructing buildings that exceed code and standout from competitors.

Thermal comfort is a major driver of satisfaction. Insulation and air sealing are key drivers of thermal comfort. It may be easy to assume that more localized control of heating and cooling is the answer to satisfying occupants throughout a building. But without proper insulation and air sealing, heat will always move to cold areas.

The body of evidence demonstrating the links between noise and workplace productivity and satisfaction continues to grow. As the trend toward more open workspaces, floating walls and glass elements continues to grow, so does the issue of noise. Acoustic design is highly complex and dependent on many building factors—including building type, location and occupancy. Insulation alone may not be able to deliver a quiet workspace, but it should absolutely be part of acoustic design and solutions. The acoustic properties of different insulation types should also be compared and evaluated.

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Thermo - Guard uses high quality materials from selected manufacturers for insulation to ensure quality standards required by the industry.
We are committed to meeting and exceeding expectations, ensuring total customer satisfaction with a flexible and responsible approach to projects.
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With many years of experience, we can cater for any of your insulation requirements delivering high quality workmanship, within schedule and at competitive prices.
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